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Every deal brought you closer to where you are Now. Your clients are demanding, making signed contracts rewarding. Your clients push your patience to its limits. The contract signature is equivalent to handing over the struggle and freeing you up for the next business. The last meters to the finish line are intense making the finish line like heaven!

Your ego gets a boost from winning the contract but is soon put to the test again because of a lack of opportunities in your funnel. You realize that it happened again. You need Industrial Sales Now!!

You want to get control over your sales funnel. Losing focus is no option anymore. From Now on, you will do things differently. You came to the right place to get in the driver’s seat again.


Welcome to!!

Discover how you can increase your sales numbers to the m ajor industrial companies.

Industrial Sales explains everything you need to know to make your daily processes work together in order to maximise sales. Following a solid system will help you to increase your sales, with the same amount of effort.

Industrial Sales will be your guide in making better sense of your sales system, despite the complexity of your product and the complicated decision-making process of your clients. This book helps you to make your technical colleagues understand the challenges you face by following the clear instructions provided. Expect to find out how a sales system works for you instead of against you.

Be prepared to prioritise your sales activities and lead generation again.

Sales Pro

You close deals with all multinational industrial companies out there. You expanded your territory and your confidence. You enjoy playing the game of sales and keep your pipeline healthy.

Sales Junior

Do you feel like a sales junior? Why? You probably master most of the aspects of the job.

Sales Team Manager

Motivating your sales team is challenging and most of all fun!! Growth has become second nature to you and you would like your team to enjoy the ride to the top.


"Bram has demonstrated a good understanding of our technical and commercial challenges. His knowledge of legal and commercial aspects of International Contracting has been helpful. I have worked closely together on a challenging project in Libya. He never lost sight of our and our client’s interest. And, it definitely doesn’t hurt that he is just a real kind person."
Peter van der Bogt
Peter van der Bogt
International Business Development
"Bram coached and trained me in the early days of my sales career. He will be of added value to train any sales team in business to business environments. He motivated me enormously, and his coaching and helped me to be successful. His ability to sell complex services to demanding clients all over the world is amazing. He is a great inspiration and would love to work with him again."
Dumitru Bulatel
Dumitru Bulatel
Sales Professional
"Bram is able to connect to and inspire broad audiences as shown in his Papers. Bram is hardworking, focused and professional. We worked together in the areas of Marketing & Sales, Business Development for several regions, Product management and client relationships. "
Erik Brink
Sales & Marketing Development Manager
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Bram moderates workshop B2B acquisition

Workshop B2B Acquisition

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Sales = Discipline

Discipline is one of the three things you need to be successful in sales

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Crossing Borders

Energy, focus and time are the critical ingredients to expand your sales globally

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Bram on Twitter

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The sales process is a repetitive cycle

CRM + Commitment

You only need a product, a client and CRM to be in business

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