Sales Energy Waste

Stop Sales Energy Waste
The one thing I hate most and fight every day is sales energy wastage. This waste is invisible, but is deadly for any business. Every bit of energy you throw in the bin is a double loss. If you are wasting too much, it will kill you!!
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Industrial Sales - A Roadmap to Increase Your Sales Globally

Book Launch D-Day

Nearly two years of writing, editing and preparing come to an end. Today “Industrial Sales – A Roadmap to Increase Your Sales Globally” is launched. The book inspires sales people all over the world to sell to large corporate clients, like Shell, ExxonMobil, Vattenfall, AkzoNobel, etc.

The book is the debut of Bram van Oirschot, who is living the live of a front-runner in industrial sales. He shares his selling system with his readers to motivate them to perform better.
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Mutual qualification

The qualification struggle – Luxury problem

Qualification is key to your success. It is a real nightmare when you are unable to quote for whatever internal reason.

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Logo of Industrial Sales

Keep your industrial sales funnel upright

Keeping your sales funnel upright is what keeps present in the back of your mind. External pressures divert your attention more than you would like.

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