Workshop B2B Acquisition

Get your team up to speed for acquisition again. Give them a spark of inspiration to get on the phone again. This is the main goal for the workshop “B2B acquisition” by Industrial Sales Now.

The workshop will stimulate professionals to reach out to new prospects. Sales people tend to rely on their existing networks. Today’s economic environments require to have a vibrant sales funnel with qualified leads. To get qualified leads interaction is required.

Bram provides world-class training on acquisition in industrial sales environments. He manages to entertain and activate audiences. Recently, a group of young sales professionals joined up in a classroom setting to get to work on their strategies to reach out to potential clients the first time.

Bram moderates workshop B2B acquisition

Rob Jaspars

Bram delivered a catchy and challenging workshop in B2B acquisition!! *

Joep Hol

With Industrial sales it is about getting out of your comfort zone. We experienced this first hand by performing acquisition during the workshop. *

Dennis van Herpen

Bram provided a super workshop on Industrial Sales at Avans! I learned a lot and very original presentation!! *

*The quotes are translated by the website editor from the original feedback, which can be found here.

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