Sales = Discipline

Everyday challenges keep you busy. Every day you feel the pressure of a sales pipeline that requires effort at all commercial stages. Your clients and colleagues demand input from you and you get lost in helping them. Many sales people know that they should create time to proactively seek new business. For growth, you cannot wait until a new request drops in your mailbox. You have to become proactive.

Many of us find the time to perform top funnel activities, once in a while. These moments appear when the top of the sales funnel is drying up, which will create a gap further down the line. When you feel you cannot wait longer with your first (or cold) calls and meetings with new clients, you are already too late.

When you are on track again, you tell yourself that a lack of focus will not happen again. Discipline is what you need.

Action on Your Discipline today!!

You are not alone, we are here to help. Reach out to us and get inspired.

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