Crossing Borders

Your clients have facilities all over the world. You are doing well in some parts of the world and feel the potential of expanding globally. Once in a while, you are receiving inquiries from exotic places and you feel optimistic. You might even believe distant clients finally find you.

You read about the world getting smaller, because of the internet and more effective travel options. So, there seems to be no limit to achieve a global presence. You have decided that it is time to start crossing borders for real. Not only to a neighboring market, but you mean to expand on a global scale.

Where to start your global industrial sales increase?

Energy, focus and time are the critical ingredients to succeed. You can devote all three to one specific objective at a time. Expanding globally is not an overnight adventure and requires a long-term commitment. Luckily, you are not the first sales person that wants to grow universal.

Sales are the first to enter the distant market. A regular global expansion path follows the following steps:

  1. A sales representative from HQ starts to explore the market and realizes the first turnover.
  2. After convincing business potential, a local representative will be hired. He will be based in the distant market. Often, the first local guy on the ground is an expat, who shares the cultural background of HQ.
  3. When the market progresses, a local sales guy will be added to the team or will replace the expat. From that point onward, you are building a local (or regional) sales team.

In all phases of distant market entry, energy, focus and time are required for that specific market. To make this possible the local sales guy, the whole sales team and company management needs to be motivated.

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