CRM with Commitment

You don’t need much to start selling. You need a product or service and you need prospects. The same attributes are the starting point for CRM. We often use the abbreviation to indicate the software. CRM’s image is also not too optimistic. Nevertheless, everyone is telling you, you cannot do without.

Customer Relationship Management is what you are doing when you are in business. You are trying to sell and nurture your clients. The main difference with just selling and CRM is the way you store data and safeguard the relationship with prospects and clients. It is vital for any organization with growth ambitions.

Get online and source your package and you are good to go!! Or, is there something else to consider?

Here follows a summary of the challenges of which you should be aware of. We start with the smallest challenge.

  1. Allocate a budget for direct costs – There are free CRM packages available with limited capabilities or advanced packages. In case you feel, your business is different and that you cannot go with a standard package, please think twice. The packages offered by companies like Salesforce, SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics are well developed and offer sufficient flexibility to meet your requirements. You should be able to source a license for EUR 500 /year/user.
  2. Allocate resources for implementation – You will need the support of someone from IT and from sales to get the system working and to transfer existing data. Depending on the package and the size of your organization, you can be set up within a few months.
  3. Create commitment – Now we get to the essence of the implementation and the potential of the system. The bigger the commitment the more you will benefit from CRM. Creating commitment is a long-term investment. It will need to be reinforced continuously. Everyone within sales and within the rest of the organization needs to be committed to the success of CRM.

You might want to be guided through the implementation of the CRM system, without having to hire an expensive consultant. In the end, you want CRM to be the core of your organization. Hiring an external person does not feel like the right step.

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