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For the past two years, my alarm woke me up at 5 AM on weekdays. What started off as a bucket list item, might end up in a life-changing experience. I am not announcing to become a fulltime author, but the process triggered something in me. Curiosity kept me going.

Selling to industrial conglomerates all over the world is complex. I learned the trade by being in the field for over a decade and am still learning daily. I learned about traditional sales techniques and enrolled in several commercial training sessions. Two years ago, I realized that most of the lessons I learned in the field are different from what was offered through formal education and books. So, I started the creation of my own book, Industrial Sales.

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When you are reading the book, you will notice most of the techniques are not new. They are part of many traditional sales processes. But, what causes you to not following these steps?

Industrial Sales will offer a new way of thinking; a systematic approach when selling to industrial clients. Large industrial companies have very complex procurement systems, both formal and informal. You are obliged to follow their formal processes. Nevertheless, you should develop your own selling system to stay in control.

In the end, it is not your client who is responsible for turnover, it’s you!!

Bram van Oirschot, Author “Industrial Sales – A roadmap to increase your sales globally”

The book, Industrial Sales, will help you to develop your own system, which is tailored to sell to global industrial clients. It will provide a standard system and encourages you to adapt it to your own processes.

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