Logo of Industrial Sales

You are working your ass off to keep your sales pipeline healthy. Many forces influence your daily sales activities and you are putting everything you can to keep everyone happy. Your first priority is to keep buying clients satisfied because they are responsible for your obvious performance, which is creating revenue. You feel the weight of the activities higher up in the funnel.

Higher in the funnel, external forces are less. Above the funnel, you are on your own. There is nobody asking for your reaction and try to put deadlines on your activity. You will show proactivity to do what is required, which is filling the sales funnel from the top with new leads and opportunities.

You might rely on prospects to drop an inquiry in your mailbox, but it is still you to respond. The pressure only starts increasing when you are in dialog with the prospect.

Further down the funnel, deadlines become more and more strict. Other people will rely on what you produce. The business we are in requires us to put a lot of effort in the middle section of the funnel. This is where we have to meet client specifications and come up with clever solutions to their challenges. Our clients have a planning with certain milestones to keep track of their projects. As a supplier, we have limited influence and cannot extend milestones as long as we often would like.

Within sales, you are always juggling with priorities. External pressure (from clients and colleagues) can cause you to fail on performing to keep your sales funnel healthy. The logo of IndustrialSalesNow resembles this challenge by the person that uses all his strength to keep the sales funnel upright.

There is a lot of stuff that can help you in keeping Your funnel upright. Connect to IndustrialSalesNow and find your motivation and tools to make your job more fun!!

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